Oh The Humanity!

Dear Denny’s,

Thank you for taking off the most delicious item on your menu: the Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. In fact it was the only thing worth eating on the menu. The spicy buffalo sauce on a breaded chicken breast all on a toasted ciabatta roll. The epitome of awesome. If one thing in life that was reliable was the fact that SBCS was on the menu. It was the only menu item mind you, that tasted exactly the same at any Denny’ s location. For over six years, I have been ordering the sandwich with a side of hash browns and ranch dressing… until last night.


I go into Denny’s and see that the menu has changed. I have no fear because they had to have kept the Spicy Buffalo sandwich. Oh no! No sign of it anywhere. How could this be? How can you replace the King of Buffalo Chicken sandwiches. Oh Denny’s you dare to tempt the gods of diner foods. They not only took it off the menu but replaced it with the inferior Hickory Grilled Chicken sandwich. Oh yuck! Bad move Denny’s!

I decided to fore go any chicken sandwich and instead ordered a Prime Rib Philly Melt. Totally unacceptable! It was chewy and totally not the taste nirvana of the Spicy Buffalo. Last night was a sad day for me. I had to say goodbye to my favorite sandwich at Denny’s. Thank you for destroying the hopes and dreams of diners everywhere.